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Magenta Technology is a leading provider of dynamic real time scheduling solutions
for flagship players of the transportation industry enabling them to do more business
with the same resources at a lower operational cost

  • Sophisticated Carrier Ranking
  • Dispatch decision making support and backhaul opportunities
  • Self billing & extensive reporting
  • Enhance revenues whilst reducing operational costs
  • Rapid payback and Return on Investment
  • Low capital investment
  • Improve Schedule Quality. Better Routing and Scheduling
  • Reduce Planning Time
  • Improve Customer Communication Efficiency

Our aim is to help you:

May 2013

Maxoptra Dynamic Scheduling Solution Promoted by TomTom Global App Centre.

November 2012

Corporate Solutions Logistics, have announced the results of using their CSL Live IT solution.

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What our clients say:

Magenta was the only company we found that could «solve the unsolvable».

Mike Flynn Business Solutions Director Gist

Magenta's solution is helping us to maintain our high service standards.

Jon S. Birkholm CEO Tankers (UK) Agencies Ltd.

Magenta's solution gives us a clear competitive advantage in more efficient scheduling and better utilization of vehicles.

Mike Flynn Business Solutions Director Gist

Implementing Magenta's advanced IT system proved to be an essential step in our business development strategy.

Stuart Payne Logistics Analyst Corporate Solutions Logistics

Using Magenta's scheduling solution we are bringing our customers even better levels of service and efficiency.

Mike Flynn Business Solutions Director Gist